Malleability and ductility in silver metal

Published: 11th October 2011
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Silver jewelry needs proper maintenance and care after each use. If it were not maintained in that way then the silver jewelry would soon go out of shape and looks. It is because of this fundamental fact, the impurities added on to the silver to make them malleable and ductile, are of such a kind that they would readily react with the atmosphere. Some of the premium brands of the silver jewelry that do exist in the market do concentrate a lot upon this particular aspect to make their products highly premium while comparing to the others.

A lot of extensive research is being carried out even as of today on this very aspect of finding the right kind of impurities that could be added on to the silver and gold metals to make them suitable for variety of applications. At the same time, the impurities added should not be very highly reactive as well. In addition, the impurities added should not be of those higher costs, as it would add on to the jewelry making costs finally.

All those top quality brands of silver jewelry that are available in the market ensure that their products and commodities of various kinds are less reactive to the atmosphere at least for a definite period. This is done by means of special coatings that are applied on the surface of the jeweler. This special coating increases the luster and shine in the product while kept in display in the showrooms. They reflect and refract light very readily to glitter and pull in the attraction of the viewers.

Also at the same time, the protective coating will make sure that the original metal will not start to react with the atmosphere easily for a quite long period. The only limitation again here is the costs associated towards purchasing this king of chemical agents. These are made out of compounds of magnesium, sculpture, boron, silicon and so on. These prevent the reaction of the metal with the atmosphere by forming a hindrance layer that is inorganic on top of the metal

. Therefore, it is hard for the impurities present in the silver metal to overcome the barrier in between to initiate their own chemical reactions. Ultimate result is the protection of the sterling silver earrings, silver necklaces, and sterling silver bracelets and so on. One could find these agents being sold in the jewelry marts itself for special costs. When you can maintain the silver jewelry with just the silver care kit alone, these protective agents are something special.

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