Advantages of Smartphone Invention

Published: 05th May 2011
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The end of the 20th century witnessed a revolution in the area of information technology with the development of java applications supporting internet technologies. Earlier mobile phones were used only for verbal communication purposes but with development of technology, mobile phones are now almost unrecognizable from the first products. Touch Phones can be summarized as a mobile phone with the facilities of advanced computers. The development of powerful processors, screens of larger sizes, availability of abundant memory for storage has given a new dimension to mobile technology and allowed the development of Smartphones.

The first smart phone, known as SIMON, was designed and developed by technology giant IBM in 1992. This handset was able to perform two-way verbal communication in addition to be able to use features such as a calendar, address book, notepad and others. It showed the concept of the product to the world of mobile computing. Since that time, the Touch Screen Phones have evolved massively. The Smartphones of current generations are able to run a complete operating system which provides a good platform for different application development. The synchronization of mobile handsets with the operating system was a landmark in the evolutionary history of Smart phones.

IT giants such as Microsoft, Apple and Google have developed specific operating systems to run only on mobile handsets. The operating systems of this current generation of Touch Phone are well equipped to handle the features of advanced computing such as the handling of different multimedia applications and cutting-edge internet technology. The smart phones of current generations are incorporating every day new features of advanced computing. In this way, the smart phones of current generations are synchronizing themselves with personal computers.

Users of the most advanced mobile phones can now watch 3D movies, download video files and connect with their friends and family through social networking websites, all within a couple of seconds. The development of these features is not the end of the road, the next generation of smartphones known as Ďnirvanaí phones will be able to attach an external keyboard and terminal to create desktop or laptop type of environment. Some of the latest available brands of smartphones in the market are BlackBerry Videos phones or iPhone, Windows Phone, HTC HD 7. The handsets of these smartphones are well equipped to handle all the features of advanced computing.

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